Keep more tabs, use up to 95% less memory

CopyTabs - the easiest way to keep your tabs organized. Convert your opened web browser tabs to a list, create as many lists as you want, keep your tabs in groups, edit and restore them back to separate tabs in just one click.

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Before: 1981 MB memory used
After: only 99 MB memory used

4 reasons to use CopyTabs

Turn all tabs into one and get back whenever you need them. Use your browser smart and save up to 95% memory usage.


Unclutter your web browser

Too many tabs are open at the same time and the browser starts to slow down. Sounds familiar? CopyTabs is specially designed to make your browsing experience more comfortable by transforming your open tabs into a list or group. You can always restore them easily by selecting one specific tab or all tabs at once.


Optimize computer resources

Organizing multiple browser tabs in a list not only makes browsing easier but also helps to reduce computer memory consumption by up to 95% and diminish CPU usage. You will see that your browser works faster and does not clutter up your tabs.


Easily manage open and saved tabs

CopyTabs makes operating tabs extremely easy. Regroup your tabs and manage them the way you like. You can drag and drop them to reach the order you want, and while restoring the tabs hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key to keep them in your list.


Safe way to keep all tabs in one place

You don't need to worry about your list of tabs accidentally disappearing if your browser crashes or if you restart your computer. Your list will be automatically saved. Take a few seconds to add CopyTabs to your browser and make your web experience super comfortable.

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Install CopyTabs for convenient web surfing!

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